Le vélo cargo urbain qui allie technologie de levage, conteneurisation et compacité

70 kg
Empty weight
200 kg 
300 cm
250 W
of power

Containerize for more efficiency

Thanks to its unique, patented Lift&Go technology, the TricyLift can lift a load of up to 200 kg directly from the ground.

Designed for parcel delivery, the TricyLift is an innovative three-wheeled vehicle that gives you greater efficiency: containerize and secure your goods.

Store it easily thanks to its compact design.​​

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Unleash the full potential of the urban supply chain by optimizing through containerization.


Find the adapted Lift Module​

All our Lift Modules are designed for the Bicy- and TricyLift. Find the Module that suits your needs!

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Modules Lift : conteneur colis, fourche pour palette, conteneurs isothermes, rack à bacs, workbox

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Technical information

255 x 113 cm

Gross Vehicle Weight
300 kg

Turning radius
< 2.5 m

Electric assist
Up to 25 km/h

 1​2 cm
ground clearance

Empty weight
70 kg

Simplified maintenance
Low-tech design


Project developed with the support of the Brittany Region as part of its Innovation and R&D project, and by the European Union through its Decarbomile project.

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Gamme FlexiModal : remorque Runner, remorque BicyLift, triporteur TricyLift