Discover the accessories compatible with our last-mile solutions.

wheel of a bicycle trailer
Spare wheel

Because you are never completely safe from a puncture in the city, replacing the wheel instead of repairing one may make it easier to finish the delivery round. Please repair your inner tube once you're back at the hub.

mud flap behind a bicycle wheel
Mud flap

Does your rear wheel splash mud on your trailer's load? This Fahrer mud flap goes lower than your mudguard and prevents splashing on your load.

bicycle rear-view mirror
Rear-view mirror

When cycling, having an eye on the back of your head would help. With this Busch+Müller mirror, it is now reality!

Horseshoe lock on the frame of a bike
AXA horseshoe frame lock

This quick lock is the best ally to lock the bike for the time of a delivery.

Rear of a bicycle with a trailer attached to it and a chain lock
AXA anti-theft trailer chain Ø5,5 x 100

Secure your trailer by attaching it to the AXA frame lock with this chain.

Pallet cover
Pallet cover

Protect your pallet from any weather. We offer standard or branded pallet covers.

Signalling flag on a bicycle trailer
Signalling flag

When the trailer is carrying a low pallet or running empty, mark your trailer with a flag to make it visible to other road users. We supply both classic and customised flags.

Bicycle stand for universal hitch
Stand for frame hitch

Not all bicycles are equipped with a sufficient stand. Here is one that is suitable for our frame hitch.​

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