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Illustration showing the different steps of urban logistics

Do you want to switch to cycle logistics? Discover the steps to follow here below

Pictogram of a person with question marksFirst of all, it is important to know the challenges of cycle logitics and to understand its benefits.
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Illustration of various goodsNot everything can be transported by bicycle. The bicycle is beneficial depending on the flow and the distance to be covered. It is particularly useful for last-mile logistics and for flows that do not exceed a certain weight.

Cycle logistics is very effective for flows requiring great flexibility, such as parcels, fresh or frozen products, bulk products or even meals. The strength of the bicycle is its speed of movement in urban traffic and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances. It is the ideal tool for making several deliveries in one round.

The delivery of pallets and large parcels is also made possible by the​ BicyLift trailer. Carried out as a subcontractor to large courier companies, the delivery of pallets by bicycle makes sense in constrained urban areas where delivery by carrier is difficult.

Illustration of an orange hubTo implement urban logistics by bicycle, you will need a location near the city centre. These premises are commonly called micro hubs, or Urban Logistics Spaces (ULS).
For long distances, goods are transported by boat , train or truck . Goods are then collected and prepared in the micro hubs for the last step of the journey; the last mile.

The location of the micro-hub is strategic for the productivity of the bicycle delivery activity: it must be in the immediate vicinity of the targeted delivery area to optimise the distances to be covered and to allow for the realisation of optimised rounds. It is therefore essential to specify the catchment area of your services where the density of delivery points is sufficiently high.

Illustration of a person with an helmet and another one withoutVarious professions are concerned by cycle logistics. Those are the roles to have in mind: 
- Bike couriers who combine passion and work
- People in charge of organising the deliveries
- Collaborators in charge of the relationship with the customers who need your service
- Mecanics who can keep your fleet up and running

These professions make it possible to enhance and humanise the logistics chain, and particularly the last mile. They allow living in city centres in a healthy and harmonious way.

Illustration of two bike trailersHaving considered all points above, it is time to choose your product.
What are the advantages of using FlexiModal trailers?

→ You can easily attach or detach the trailers depending on the volume you need to transport.
→ The storage is space efficient.
→ Our trailers are purely mechanical, which ensures long-term reliability. As a result, the maintenance cost is reduced.

The strength of the BicyLift lies in its innovative lifting system which reduces the economic impact of load breaks, while the Runner's advantage lies in its agility and ease of use. Its width of 89 cm also makes it a formidable ally.

The European legislation is not clear on the legality of the electric bicycle - electrified trailer combination. We prefer to limit ourselves to the 250 W standard. Above this power, the bike must be insured and registered.

To choose the right trailer, defining your flow/needs will help you.

Illustration of three containersEach flow must be transported under optimal conditions. This is why we offer several Modules that can be adapted to each type of transported goods. It is up to you to choose the Modules that best suit your flows and the transported volume.

Instead of having to use several vehicles depending on your deliveries, you can easily interchange the Modules and thus reduce your costs.

Find out more about the Modules for the
BicyLift range and our Runner range:

- The Fork for Pallets allows you to easily lift and transport EU-sized pallets and boxes
- The Parcel Container allows you to securely transport parcels
- The Tray Rack allows you to deliver standard crates and boxes with two wide openings
- Le WorkBox allows you to bring your workshop as close as possible to your work site
- The Flatbed allows you to transport various goods and to ride on it with wheeled boxes
- The Roll O'City allows you to transport temperature-controlled goods
- The XL9 allows you to transport temperature-controlled boxes and crates

- The MegaBag allows you to easily adapt to the carried volume
- The Bike Transport ​allows you to carry up to three bikes

Illustration of a bike and a cargo bikeTo tow the trailers, you will need a robust and reliable electric bike.

You will also need to identify whether you need additional load capacity on the bike in addition to the trailer. Thus, between an ebike or a trike able of carrying an extra pallet, you have a wide range of possible configurations to optimise your business. To ensure perfect compatibility and integration of the trailers, we have designed specific hitches for most utility bike models. 

This ensures the stability of the rider while protecting the bike. Find out more about the hitches we have developed​  here.

Illustration of a person doing the maintenance on a bike trailerLike any fleet, a fleet of bicycles and trailers must be maintained. To do this, you will need competent mechanics who are familiar with the products. You can find all the necessary technical support on our support page. In our manuals, we also give advice on how to extend the lifespan of your fleet.

More and more companies are specialising in the maintenance of bicycle fleets. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them to facilitate the maintenance of your equipment.​

Illustration of three people celebreatingYou now have all the cards in hand to deploy your fleet. Daring to use cycle logistics means joining a community of players who are already convinced by these solutions and who benefit from their advantages on a daily basis.