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Tricylift pour livraison de colis

The cargo bike with a unique lifting system! Easy to handle, it's ideal for containerization.

Remorque Runner pour les coursiers

The bike trailer designed for couriers who want to be efficient while getting through congested areas.

Remorque BicyLift pour la livraison de palettes

The bike trailer designed to limit transloading for transporters thanks to its various modules.

​Lift range

The unique, patented technology that lifts all loads directly from the ground
Pallets, parcel container, isothermal container, trayrack

Runner range 

Free yourself from congestion with the Runner and its mastered width of 89cm! 

A true extension of the bike, it is designed for professional couriers.

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Cyclelogistics is expanding rapidly in the face of growing urban constraints: city center closures, congestion, LEZs, parking difficulties and so on. Faced with these operational and environmental challenges, delivery professionals and transporters need to find viable solutions that enable them to serve cities and satisfy their customers while limiting the impact of these barriers. Cyclelogistics meets these imperatives and is becoming an efficient and complementary mode of transport to the truck. 

FlexiModal has developed compact storage solutions to maximize courier efficiency knowing the real-estate issues.

As each type of flow has its own specific features, each range, Lift and Runner, is equipped with modules that can be adapted to your needs: pallets, parcels, bulk, professional workshops, etc.

Because equipment downtime can have a direct impact on your business, we design low-tech, reliable solutions that are easy to maintain, to ensure the best possible continuity of use.

Solutions for professional, designed and manufactured in France, to meet your needs and constraints. 

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​We help you finding the right solution.

Choosing FlexiModal solutions means choosing sustainable, low-tech solutions, designed and produced locally in France with partners sourced within a 150km radius of our premises.. 

Our aim is to contribute to the deployment of cyclologistics and all forms of professional bicycle mobility by developing equipment adapted to market requirements. To achieve this, our R&D team works continuously to develop new solutions while improving existing ones.

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