CarryTemp XL9

Use passive cooling for efficient deliveries
by Cold&Co

138 kg
880 L

standard crates

Deliver at controlled temperatures

Thanks to the 5 eutectic plate inserts, you can maintain the temperature throughout your tour.  

With its 880 L capacity, transport your parcels and cold boxes directly to your restaurant and retail customers.

Module designed by Cold & Co, compatible with the Lift range thanks to an aluminium base developed by FlexiModal for lifting the Module.

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Secure your goods

In addition to its Velcro fastening, you can add a padlock to prevent theft.

Load efficiently

With its full side opening, you can load your standard crates, parcels and isothermal polystyrene boxes with ease.

Containerize your goods

​To be as efficient as possible, containerize your fresh goods to deliver to the city while limiting transloading.

Technical information

Inside dimensions
80 x 146 x 115 cm

Empty weight
62 kg

ATP certification
​cold food transport

Eutectic plates

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