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Eeasily identify the solutions made for you

​To ensure efficiency in cyclelogistics, it is essential to use the right equipment.

Whether you're a delivery operator or a self-employed professional, a comparison of the FlexiModal ranges by type of flow will help you easily identify the solution(s) best suited to your business. 

Differentiate the ranges

If you're looking for a modular solution, based on the containerization principle to deliver pallets and diverse flows, the Lift solutions are made for you ! 

If you seeking efficiency by increasing your loading capacity to operate constraint city centerswithout loosing agility, the Runner is what you need !

What our solutions have in common


A large communication 
surface on the modules


Concieved, sourced and produced in France


Braked trailers to ensure your safety


Operate all your flows with a single solution


To ensure the best and at low-cost 

Need our help to find the right solution ?

Solution, convinient bike, advice : we are here for you !

Lift range

Discover the Lift range: designed around

the unique and patented Lif&Go Technology

Lift pallets and modules from the ground
to limit the impact of transloading

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Runner range

Discover the Runner range : becoming
the couriers' favorite bike trailer

A natural extension of your cargo bike
freeing yourself from urban constraints

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Your safety is our main concern

​By designing reliable solutions that exceed safety requirements, 
we help you to perform

Deliver safely

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