Roll O'City

Use passive or cryogenic cooling to deliver fresh goods to your customers
by Olivo

515 L
EU pallet 
or cryogenic cooling

Deliver at controlled temperatures

Deliver fresh products to your retail and restaurant customers with the Roll O'City. Designed for temperature-controlled delivery, available either in passive cooling, with eutectic plates keeping the product cool for up to 24 hours or in cryogenic refrigeration.

Deliver directly to your customers' fridges thanks to its euro-pallet 80x120cm format, which is easy to move thanks to its handles and wheels.

Module designed in collaboration with Olivo, compatible with the Lift range thanks to beams incorporating folding hooks.

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Label your deliveries

For better management of your deliveries, the Roll O'City has an integrated label holder: customer name, DN, temperature tracking, etc.

Deliver as closely as possible

Go straight into your customer's fridge thanks to its 4 castors, including 2 braked ones, handles and folding hooks.

Comply with standards

Thanks to the eutectic plates or cryogenic cooling (ATP standard), the three-point closure and the material designed for transporting cold, the Roll O'City complies with fresh transport norms.

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Technical information

Outside dimensions
80 x 120 x 127 cm 

Empty weight

ATP certification
cold food transport

Expanded polypropylene for food goods

Inside dimensions
65 x 95 X 89 cm

515 L

138 kg

Heat transfer coefficient
0,34 W/m²K

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