Tray Rack

Stack your goods to deliver efficiently

1.13 m3
Door high 

​Deliver standard crates and much more

Stack your goods thanks to the customised interior configuration of the Tray Rack: fixed or sliding shelves and drawers.

Transport your standard crates, delivery bags, flowers, parcels and clothing efficiently!

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Shape your interior

Empty to stack your standard boxes or with shelves and/or drawers, design the layout that suits you best.

Protect your goods

Lock both openings when you leave the goods to prevent theft of opportunity.

Move around

With its advanced ergonomics, you can deliver to the last metre thanks to its 4 castors, of which 2 have brakes.

large surface communication rack à bacs
Promote your brand

Take advantage of its large surfaces to promote your company or your special events: permanent stickers or removable sides.

Use case

Velo wil - Switzerland

Since 2021, the city of Wil provides two BicyLifts and two Tray Racks for local businesses who want to make urban deliveries.

Technical information

Inside dimensions
120 x 80 x 119 cm

Empty weight
40 kg

160 kg

1.12 m3

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