Lift range

Lift and deliver without load breaks

Levage d'une palette avec remorque pour vélo Bicylift

Lift pallets by bike

The flagship product in the Lift range, the fork for pallet enables you to lift a 180kg pallet in just a few seconds, thanks to Lift & Go technology


Modules made for your flows

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Modules designed for Lift heavy-duty solutions

TricyLift : vélo cargo pour livraison de colis


The agileand efficient cargo bike using an integrated containeurization principle 

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BicyLift : outils de manutention et de transport


The bike trailer that multiplies your load capacity by being both a handling and transport tool

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K'livéo : delivery of pallets & parcels

Equipped with a dozen BicyLifts, including fork for pallets and parcel containers modules, the K'livéo team operates a high-performance model in Angers town center. 

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