Your security. Our priority.

When you're riding around town loaded down to 200kg, your safety needs to be assured by quality, stable equipment that meets or exceeds current regulations.


Our solutions are braked for every possible use, so that you remain in control of your vehicle, even when loaded, cycling, walking or stationary.


The stability of our solutions is ensured by a low center of gravity and load placement between the wheels, for greater efficiency.


Our solutions are designed for professionals and meet or exceed all safety standards; lighting, handling, etc. 

Stable and reliable solutions

stabilité charge vélo cargo

Stability is a key factor in professional cyclologistics solutions, as the weight of the load is greater than that of the vehicle.

To ensure maximum stability, FlexiModal solutions place the load between the wheels, with a lowered center of gravity for better control.

A braked trailer for all your applications 

Drawbar of a bike trailer attached to the side of a a bike
Overrun brake

When the bike brakes, the trailer brakes proportionally

Hand on the drawbar of a bike trailer that activates the brake
Hand brake

Brake the trailer manually when carrying it in pedestrian mode

Parking brake and coupling of the BicyLift bike trailer
Parking brake

Secure the trailer on slopes and at a standstill with the parking brake

Ride with others

The roadway is shared by several users: pedestrians, cars, trucks, cyclists and scooters.

Our trailers are loaded between the wheels, so as not to interfere with others while integrating cyclelogistics smoothly. This ensures maximum load height without impeding other cyclists' visibility. 

la charge de la remorque ne gène pas les autres usagers

​Advanced ergonomics

Our ergonomic solutions can be adapted to suit your delivery personnel's needs.
No need to bend over to lift a load from the ground. 

​Adjustable drawbars to protect your back

                 3-positions drawbar :

Stand :to make sure the load is stable when stationary
Attached : to drive and store it
Hand : to use it as a forklift 

Transport and handling tool

Timon 3 positions

Timon 5 positions

                    5-positions drawbar : 

Bent : to use it as a loading ramp
Stand : to make sure the load is stable when stationary
Attached : to drive safely
Hand : to use it as a cart
Stored : to gain room in your hub

The castor that makes all the difference

To move the Runner by hand, choose the optional castor to help you move the trailer in cart mode to the last meter.

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remorque Runner en studio
flotte vélos et solutions fleximodal chez Urbike

Maintain your fleet

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that equipment is in perfect working order and safe to use.

To help you keep your equipment in peak condition, FlexiModal provides you with all the support you need, as well as a reactive spare parts shipping service.

We understand the impact that equipment downtime can have on your business. That's why our solutions are low-tech and easy to maintain.

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