Parcel Container

Safely deliver your parcels

160 kg
1.18 m3
111 cm
Internal height
75 cm 
loading sill

Combine safety and efficiency

With a secure volume of 1.18 m3 combined with the agility of the Runner, you can deliver your customers without the constraints of the city.

With its loading sill lowered to 75cm, you can protect your back and that of your delivery drivers! Ergonomically designed for everyday use!

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Protect your goods

With a key lock system, the container closes automatically when you close the hood.
Option : lock with RFID card or code. Or ABUS One key lock (container, bike, battery)


Promote your business with a large communication surface
Be visible thanks to the lights and reflective strips (personnalisation is optional).

Carry your goods safely

Thanks to the honeycomb mat (optional), the goods are cushioned and also protected from any liquids that might spill inside the Parcel Container.

Technical information

Internal dimensions
162 x 64.2 x 111 cm

Empty weight
30 kg

 PP hive panels + aluminium structure

Standard crates
3 x 4 boxes with a 32 cm height

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