Heleny 14/136
30-001 Kraków
+48 796 388 500


Towarowe(r) is only existing multiple brands cargo-bike shop in Poland, since 2012. Towarowe(r) is based in Kraków, but deliver cargo-bikes all over the country.


In order to meet the expectations of professional users, FlexiModal relies on a network of qualified resellers whose main activity is the resale and consulting of cyclo-logistics products.

Our reseller partners represent our brand with a service including:

Deux personnes travaillant dans l'atelier de FlexiModal


As experts in business mobility solutions, our resellers are able to guide you to the right solution for your needs.

 Bike offer

They are able to offer bikes compatible with our trailers.

 Getting started

 They ensure the proper handling of the assembled equipment and provide training in the use of the equipment in accordance with the conditions of use defined by FlexiModal.

 Maintenance and repair

They have the qualified personnel and the necessary tools to ensure on-site preventive maintenance and possible repair of the equipment in a short time.

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