Solutrans: the mondial hub for industrial and urban vehicles

The cargo bike is recognized as a link in the urban logistics chain, complementing trucks and LCVs.
December 4, 2023 by

This year, the cargo bike had a special place at Solutrans, the show usually dedicated to trucks! 

Logistics is evolving, and innovations in CO2 emissions reduction, improved working conditions through advanced vehicle ergonomics and software optimization are multiplying. 

Removing hauler's barrier

In the last mile, the challenges of accessibility to city centers, pedestrianized or constrained by LEZ (low-emission zone) or ZTL (limited traffic zone), are at the heart of carriers' concerns. Logistics land is also a major issue, in addition to congestion and parking difficulties, which generate stress for delivery drivers and lower productivity. Recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult where delivery is expanding 

Cyclelogistics is now emerging as a complementary, high-performance solution for last-mile delivery. A cargo bike area was set up at Solutrans this year, with an indoor test track on which cargo bikes and trailers could turn, to introduce hauliers, truckers and the curious to this new mode of delivery, which has been gaining in popularity for some years now.. 

Cargo-bike as innovation

The I-nnovation Awards, organized by Solutrans, reward innovations in the OEM, Bodybuilder-Builder, Digital and, this year, the Special Cargo Bike Prize.. 

This Special Prize was awarded to the 4 nominees in the category : Pelican Cycles, VUF, K-ryole FlexiModal.

This recognition of the cargo bike as a fully-fledged link in the intra-urban logistics chain is a further step towards a low-carbon last mile. 

During the inauguration of the show, led by Clément Beaune, Minister of Transport, Charles Levillain, founder of FlexiModal, had the opportunity to discuss urban issues with the Minister after demonstrating the TricyLift

The fair was an opportunity to raise awareness of tomorrow's urban logistics among the many players and students present, to test our innovative cargo bike, which takes a different approach to traditional bikes, and to meet relevant transporters and organizations. 

We meet again at Solutrans 2025 !