Fork for Pallets

Easily lift and carry your pallets

 Useful for any block style pallet or support

Designed for the standards 80 x 120 cm format

195 kg payload minus the weight of the pallet

Illustration of the process of using the BicyLift and the Fork for Pallets

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Hooks of the Fork for Pallets allowing the BicyLift bike trailers to lift a pallet

Integrated hooks

Allow the lifting of the pallet with the BicyLift

Retaining spring on the Fork for Pallets

Retaining springs

To adapt to every block pallet

Available in XL size

100 x 120 cm / 40 x 48"

Discover the XL Fork for Pallets

Different ways to use the Fork

Hand transport of an EU pallet on the BicyLift bike trailer
Pallet lifting

The Fork is used for lifting and transporting palletised goods

Collection of cardboard by a delivery lady in the city centre
Combined with the Roll 

The roll must be equipped with a kit that allows it to be transported with the Fork. It is ideal for transporting light and bulky flows

Box pallet on the BicyLift bike trailer
Transport of EU boxes

The Fork can be used to lift pallet boxes (80 x 120 cm) which can be used to transport various flows

Use case

Les triporteurs de l'ouest x DB Schenker

To deliver pallets to hard-to-reach city centres, DB Schenker is currently using cyclo-logistics operators in more than 20 French cities. Les triporteurs de l'Ouest are one of their collaborators of choice.

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