Feine Räder GmbH

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Feine Räder GmbH
Furtmayrstr. 12
93053 Regensburg
+49 941 7000365

As one of the Regensburgs renowned bike-shop, we are proud to provide the best quality in consulting and service for bikes since 1988. In our store, located close to the Regensburg-Arcaden, we offer premium bikes and e-bikes, cargo and e-cargo bikes as well as consultancy for our customers and their specific needs. 

We provide therefore a wide range of options for sustainable transportation, which also follows our goal to support the change for mobility in the urban area of Regensburg. 

"The BicyLift by FlexiModal is thus the perfect addition to our portfolio to carry heavy loads. Especially the lifting-system for the easy handling of pallets that makes life much easier" - Feine Räder 

Odoo • Text and Image

Odoo • Text and Image

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