The trailer with its unique lifting system


A reliable utility trailer

BicyLift combines load handling and transport functions in a compact vehicle.

Based on a universal format, Bicylift transports any pallet 120x80cm in size.

FlexiModal also offers modules that can be used with BicyLift for multiple applications: parcel transport, shopping, professional equipment, bulky objects, or waste.  
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max. load 180kg/400lbs   


lifting + coupling

= 20 seconds

25kg/55lbs empty

Optimized for the city

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BicyLift has a reduced turning radius for easy manoeuvring in the city.

Its width remains under control at 1.13m, allowing it to access all corners of urban centres and deposit goods as close as possible to delivery points.

BicyLift trailers are mounted with the famous Big Apple Plus from Schwalbe®. In addition to their high load capacity, these tires provide good vibration filtration, a significant parameter for driving in paved streets.

113cm width


190cm lenght

12cm ground clearance


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Designed to simplify its intensive daily use, the trailer is easy to operate. Its reduced weight of 25kg gives it unrivalled manoeuvrability on the market. 

Parked in an upright position, it takes up very little space in your warehouse.

Its unique and patented lifting system allows the weight lifted by the trailer to be divided by 8. 

The handle has a brake lever and can be adjusted to 3 positions:

  • At hand height for the last few meters on foot

  • Horizontal to attach to the bike

  • Oriented towards the ground to support the trailer with the load horizontal

        Which bike to use with Bicylift?      

        Above all, safety !

                    BicyLift meets the regulatory requirements in terms of braking and lighting.  Safety is enhanced by an autonomous braking system. An inertia control integrated in the coupling is activated in proportion to the braking power of the bicycle.

                    In addition, a brake handle on the trailer tiller allows you to brake when walking, and the trailer is delivered equipped with autonomous and automatic lighting as soon as the trailer is in motion. They are maintenance-free.  

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                    Made in France quality

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                    BicyLift fait l’objet d’un brevet international.

                    The trailer is developed and assembled by FlexiModal with top quality components:    

                    • Aluminium/steel powder-coated frame made in France:     

                    • 20p wheel - Double-walled rims 650 Mach1® series - Stainless steel spokes - Aivee® hubs       

                    • Inertia brake + manual control TRP Spyre® 

                    • Tires Schwalbe® Big Apple Plus 20×2,15″       

                    • Autonomous front and rear lights Reelight®

                    We strive to work with local companies for a reduced environmental impact while contributing to the dynamism of the region. The subcontracted parts come from companies located less than 150km from FlexiModal workshop !

                    BicyLift trailer : 1890€ excl. VAT

                    supplied with bike hitch