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BicyLift support

BicyLift tutorial

It is your first steps with the trailer ? Here are the best practices to adopt when using the BicyLift. Focused on lifting, unloading and the 3 positions of BicyLift's drawbar for an ergonomic use. 

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Assembly instructions

You just received BicyLift trailer and you want to assemble it. Here is the guide declined in different languages :

  • English [EN]  

  • Français [FR] 

  • Deutsch [DE]  

  • Nederlands [NL]

  • Español [ES]

As the trailer is a purely mechanical system, its maintenance and repairs remain accessible to anyone equipped with the ordinary tools of a workshop. 

In an approach of quality, safety and durability of the entire product, we supply spare parts on request. 

Due to the continuous improvement of the BicyLift, some parts may have evolved from the model you own. These improvements are possible thanks to your feedbacks.

Remaining at your disposal to exchange or for any advice on products.

Maintenance instructions

You already have your BicyLift running accross the streets and you want to take care of it. Here is a manual with some advice to check up the trailer and to repair it if necessary. Also a checklist for a regular servicing of the trailer.

      General maintenance guide

      • Maintenance guide [EN]

      • Guide de maintenance [FR]

      Maintenance checklist
      • Maintenance checklist [EN] 

      • Checklist de maintenance [FR]

      Modules and hitches guides


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