Logistical efficiency up to the last meter

with professional cargo bike trailers and their delivery modules


Discover the BicyLift

Fork for pallets, flatbed, parcel container, boxes container, roll container, isothermal container, workbox, module with e-scooters

Modularity to adapt to every delivery type

The BicyLift Modules developed and assembled by FlexiModal are a mean of transport and storage thus limit transloading

Discover the Modules

Ally of your bike for last mile delivery

The Runner is a practical and compact trailer that fluidly deals with urban areas (traffic jam, LEZ, ...) thanks to its mastered width of 89cm
Designed around standard boxes, the Runner facilitates today the logistics of the tomorrow's city

Discover the Runner

How to choose the right trailer for your professional needs ?

Similarities between the trailers

Our two-wheel trailers are designed for professionals. Both equipped with an efficient overrun brake system, they are secure

As mechanical trailers, they don't exceed regulation on power that exists in Europe where the bicycle and trailer have together a 250 Watt limit.

The BicyLift and The Runner are daily working tools  designed for intensive use and aimed at couriers, delivery companies and stores for city deliveries. Therefore, they offer a communication surface on their modules and a multi-position drawbar able to switch from last mile to last meter.

They also both allow to transport standard boxes and parcels.

Upright against a wall, they are easy to store in your workshop for a better insertion into your daily habits and logistics.  

Differences between the trailers

The Runner and The BicyLift are complementary .

The Runner alone and the BicyLift with the flatbed module are very similar aside from the width.  Their difference in width is due to the integrated lifting system of the BicyLift which gives it a 113 cm width while the Runner is only 89 cm. This one is a game changer if you are operating within a congested city where bike paths are tight and traffic is dense. 

The BicyLift can lift pallets and containerized loads in seconds, the Runner can lean into a ramp using the multi position drawbar to load half-containers on castors.    

If you already use standard EU sized containers or pallets, we recommend the use of the BicyLift.

Containerization for a better control of the supply chain

FlexiModal offers solutions that minimize the impact of transloading 

Green container being charged and loaded on a truck, two cyclists towing green containers with a professional bike trailer : example of city logistics

Containerized cargos move from one mode of transport to another to the delivery points with unparalleled fluidity.

By separating the loading volume from the transport vehicle, the routes can be prepared in masked time to better meet delivery deadlines.

Bike and cargobike delivery has proven its worth in dense urban areas. We facilitate its integration into the supply chain with the FlexiModal's trailers and their specialized modules.

First with pallets, then with urban containers for cargos like parcels & post, standard boxes, crates and more

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