Logistical efficiency up to the last meter

with the BicyLift bike trailer and its delivery modules

Containerization to better control the supply chain
FlexiModal offers solutions that minimize the impact of load breaks

Containerized packages move from one mode of transport to another to the delivery points with unparalleled fluidity.

By separating the loading volume from the transport vehicle, the routes can be prepared in masked time to better meet delivery deadlines.

Bike delivery has proven its worth in dense urban areas. We facilitate its integration into the supply chain with the BicyLift trailer and its specialized modules. 

A trailer and its modules for urban logistics

 Already used by many companies around the world, the trailer has been designed for bicycle delivery companies.

Thanks to an ingenious lifting system, it combines handling and transport functions into a single, easy-to-use and very robust tool.  

Modularity to adapt to each delivery type

        The modules developed are both means of transport and storage, thus limiting load break.


Lift in 20s any pallet of 120x80cm format

Urban containers   

Delivery of parcels, bags or standard boxes. Large and secure modular volume.

Roll container

Large volume transport.


Bulk transport or big parcels 

WorkBox & stands

Tailor-made modules for the transport of professional equipment


Storing & transporting scooters efficiently

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