Parcels container

The urban container specially designed for parcels delivery


At FlexiModal, we develop modules for BicyLift trailer which allow containerization. It facilitates the transfer of  your goods between several modes of transport until the last mile delivery by bike. 

Based on the experience of a first version of the parcels container, we made a new model much more robust and ergonomic.
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Advanced ergonomics for the delivery person

A simple and robust container

Brandable on the wide surfaces for highly visible communication

Can be lifted with the BicyLift trailer for perfect integration into the supply chain


1 -  Optimized opening

    • Low loading sill

    • A unique access to the volume

    • Covering hood

    • Air cylinders for effortless opening

    • Reinforced metal hinges 

2 -  Secure key lock by default or RFID lock in option

3 -  Moving the container by foot

    • Handle in each corner

    • 4 wheels, 2 of which are equipped with brakes

4 -  Extra storage spaces with removable threads

5 -  Built-in trolley holder in option

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Odoo • Image and Text


+ Simplified access and secure goods

+ Key lock by default

+ Electronic locking by RFID card/wristband

+ 100% Aluminium structure and walls, limited break-in

Technical information

  • Volume : 1,2m3

  • Dimensions ext : 122x85x134cm

  • Load capacity : 153kg

  • Weight empty 47kg

Product sheet download    [EN]      [FR]     [DE]

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Parcels Container 

Compatible with the BicyLift trailer

Load the parcels container in your premises before delivering its content using the BicyLift. 

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