Our goals

Our Vision

The essence of FlexiModal is to achieve a decarbonized supply chain by offering efficient and sustainable solutions. There are different solutions to enable the use of the relevant vehicle according to the different stages of the chain. One of the main challenges is to facilitate the transfer of goods between different vehicles in order to reduce the impact of transshipment (transfer of a flow from one vehicle to another).

The BicyLift was designed for this purpose. By using standard size modules (80 x 120 cm) and incorporating an innovative mechanical system to lift and transport the modules, the BicyLift trailer makes the logistics chain more fluid. We facilitate the complementarity of the different modes of transport by ensuring that the last mile can be carried out by a suitable vehicle. This is what we call intermodality. Micro-containerization helps maintain economic activity in city centers while reducing the social, environmental and noise impact of logistics.

Our Mission

FlexiModal aims to facilitate the integration of cyclogistics into the existing supply chain and to reduce the impact of transshipment.

We want to offer a low-carbon alternative for the urban delivery of goods.​



Driven by respect for the environment, FlexiModal aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy by producing lightweight, environmentally friendly and locally manufactured solutions. We also encourage low-emission travel in our operations.


Our products are exclusively mechanical. This allows for easy maintenance and a long service life.


FlexiModal is attentive to the needs of its customers and to market developments in order to continue to offer solutions for urban logistics. R&D is therefore naturally at the heart of our company.


As the French leader in trailers for cycle logistics, FlexiModal is committed to satisfying its customers' needs by offering reliable, low-maintenance products designed for professional use.