Liftable and transportable with the BicyLift Trailer, WorkBox module opens up new horizons for cycling business, by acting as a workshop or mobile counter!

Its independent and secured shelves allow to transport boxes and crates in standard Euro formats (60x40cm and 40x30cm). Regardless of the loading order, you can easily access all the content, whether it is tool boxes, supplies or standard isothermal boxes.

At the right height, the top of the module acts as a work or sales area.

Thanks to its swivel castors and its dimensions smaller than modern doors and lifts, the WorkBox module will follow you as close as possible to your work areas, both outside and inside.

The personalization by engraving of these large lateral surfaces transforms your WorkBox into a beautiful communication object!

Main Characteristics of WorkBox module :

External dimensions: length 1.22m – width 0.84m – height 0.94m

Main internal dimensions: 4 compartments 60x40x37cm

Weight when empty: 40kg – or a maximum load weight of 140 kg (note: maximum load for BicyLift trailer: 180 kg)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or specific requirements.