FlexiModal has developed an urban container helping the transfer of merchandise between various different transport methods.


The urban container can be easily lifted and transported with the BicyLift trailer using the integrated attachments.


Easily folded back using a connection system, care has been taken to ensure these parts do not protrude from the container to avoid any risk of damage.


The robust wheels and handle make the container easier to handle on the ground, on any type of surface (industrial floor, tarmac, indoor surface, etc.). The corners are reinforced so they can withstand the tough-conditions imposed by the supply chain.


Using Euro pallet format (120×80), the urban container can be easily handled to facilitate transloading and storage (can be stacked 2 high).



Opening from the top with a lid fitted with two gas springs, the urban container has a lowered front edge for optimal ergonomics when loading/unloading.


As well as the key lock (shared, unique, universal, etc.) to keep merchandise safe during use, the urban container can also be fitted with a second locking system allowing the use of chains and/or seals for security, and to facilitate phases of transfer of liability between loader and transporter.


With a total surface of 4 m², the exterior of the urban container can easily be personalised with the image of a transporter or order placer.


Main Characteristics:

Volume: 1m³

External dimensions: length 1.23m – width 0.84m – height 1.15m

Main internal dimensions: length 1.2m – width 0.8m – height 1m

Weight when empty: 39kg – or a maximum load weight of 140 kg (note: maximum load for BicyLift trailer: 180 kg)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or specific requirements.