Suitable for use on these wheels as well as with the BicyLift trailer, BicyLift urban containers facilitate the transfer of goods between several modes of transport. By separating the load volume from the vehicle, new perspectives of logistics organization are opened up, resulting in a reduction in the impact of transloading and the ability to pool diversified flows.

After a first version of a relatively basic urban container, the BicyLift range is now enriched by the particularly versatile and ergonomic NG urban container. With its front and rear openings all the way up, it offers wide access to its entire interior volume defined around multiples of the Euro format: 120x80cm pallet, 80x60cm half pallets, 60x40cm or 40x30cm crates or crates.

To further optimize its volume and your routes according to the type of flow to be managed, the NG urban container can be compartmentalized at will thanks to different types of shelves:

Fixed shelf: can be positioned at the desired height (every 7cm), its tray measures 80x60cm;

Sliding shelf: with a useful surface area of 80x60cm, this tray mounted on ball bearing slides facilitates access to the contents;

Drawer: on the same principle as the sliding shelf, the drawer has a 10cm flange which makes it particularly suitable for flows in small or flexible packages. Its useful surface area is 77x60cm;


The NG urban container also has 2 rods that make it possible and easy to transport clothes on hangers.

Main features :

External dimensions: 125x85x85x137 cm

Inside dimensions: 2 volumes of 80.5x61x117 cm

empty weight: 40kg (excluding shelves) – maximum load: 140kg (excluding shelves)

Opening on front and rear sides at full height

Key lock – RFID lock optional

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