Bike delivery continues to become increasingly popular, but its growth to mainstream use is hampered by two issues:

  • transloading required for transfer to different vehicles for the last mile
  • requirements for consolidation space in urban centres for the transloading





In order to reduce the impact of transloading, the idea is to containerise the packages as far upstream as possible from the last mile.

Packages that are containerised in cases can thus be transferred from one kind of delivery vehicle to another until arriving at the point of delivery with unrivalled fluidity. By decoupling the full load volume from the transport vehicle, containers for delivery rounds can be prepared while the delivery agent is out on a previous round, for improved timeliness in delivery.



FlexiModal now offer an urban container for parcel delivery. An isothermal version is currently being developed (the target is for the 1st version to be ready for the end of 2017).




Aside from optimising transloading, the use of containers allows order placers to maintain their image with recipients, with containers personalised to fit their image. Securing containers also allows the merchandise to be better protected, another important point for order placers if they are going to sub-contract the last mile.

You can find FlexiModal’s summary of urban delivery containerisation in the following note :