The BicyLift trailer requires the use of suitable bikes to ensure satisfactory safety and reliability. In addition, the connection system must be compatible with the bike frame, and given the diversity of bikes, each with their own shape, this is no small feat.

FlexiModal will not impose specific models, but aims to support you in making the right choice. Several factors seem important to us:

  • robustness: forget about a racing bike; go for a more robust system (wheels, tyres, gears, etc.)
  • brake strength: in order for the trailer brakes to activate, the bike brakes need to work in all conditions. Thus hydraulic disk brakes are recommended
  • gears: it can be difficult to start moving with a fully loaded trailer attached to the back of a bike if you are in an unsuitable gear. If you stop quickly without having had time to change down gears, only a geared hub will allow gears to be changed while stopped. It is thus best not to use derailleur gear systems and instead opt for a geared hub.
  • electric bike: unless delivering over a flat area and not carrying heavy loads, the use of a bike with electric assistance seems essential. There are several types, but our suggestion would be for a crank drive motor for better synergy.
  • carrying capacity: depending on your activity, you may place more or less importance on being able to carry merchandise on your bike as well as dragging the trailer. Combined with the delivery of a pallet, this will allow you to make several additional smaller deliveries on a round.

For all these reasons, our choice would naturally be for some kind of cargo bike. There is a range of different proven models currently on the market, and below is a list of the models that we can confirm to be compatible with trailer connections:

  • Bullitt by Larry vs Harry: the leading Danish utility cargo bike
  • Douze Cycles: a French company making amazingly manoeuvrable bikes
  • Urban Arrow : the well know dutch cargo bike, from Shorty to XXL cargo
  • Packster by Riese and Muller : The german quality

If you are a cargo bike manufacturer, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to test the compatibility of your range with our trailer! If required, we are happy to co-develop an attachment that is the perfect fit for your frames for optimal compatibility.

in view of the diversity of models and the inadequacy of most of them with the requirements mentioned above, the possibilities of coupling to classic e-bikes are relatively limited. To date, we can ensure compatibility with the following models:

Contact us to know more about bike combination.