Tray Rack

          At FlexiModal, we develop modules for BicyLift trailer which allow containerization. It facilitates the transfer of  your goods between several modes of transport until the last mile delivery by bike. 

          Based on the experience of the parcels container, we made another model specially dedicated to boxes and crates for versatility and efficiency.

          Tray Rack



          Presented in the BCklet pilot project, in partnership with Urbike, the container is adapted for last mile delivery in the city for many sectors.

          • The container is secure, its walls are rigid and it has a key or RFID card lock in option.   

          • It has many levels for sliding shelves or drawer as well as fixe shelves. Adaptable to the size of your goods.

          • The opening is easy and allows an ergonomic access to the entire volume of 1,12m 3    

          • It is suitable for standard handling box sizes, the storage area is slightly larger than 120x80cm.

          Outside : 126x85x137cm / Inside : 120x80x117cm / 1,12m3 / Empty weight : 40kg – Max Payload : 160 kg 
          Product sheet download    [EN]    [FR]      [DE] 

          3-shelf solutions many configurations

          Optimize your volume according to the size of the transported goods. The container has levels every 5cm (2inch) so that you can change easily the level of your shelves by loosening 4 screws. See opposite the examples in order.

          1 - Fixed shelf

          2 - Sliding shelf

          3 - Sliding drawer

          Odoo • Text and Image


          Load the boxes container in your premises and deliver its content using the BicyLift trailer. 

          Odoo • Text and Image

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