Modularity to adapt to each delivery type

        The modules developed are both means of transport and storage, thus limiting transloading. 

At FlexiModal, we offer a diverse range of module compatible with the BicyLift trailer.

They allow a better management and handling of your flows from pallets to parcels, bulky and light cargos to clothes on hangers, refrigerated cargo to your workshop or e-scooters.  

Made for the BicyLift lifting system, they are easy to load and unload from the trailer for an integrated last mile to last meter delivery. 

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Which module for which flow ? 

This guide can help you finding out which modules suit best your needs

Lift in 20s any pallet of 120x80cm format   

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Parcels delivery. Secure and ergonomic container.      

Boxes and crates delivery. Large and modular volume.      

Large volume transport

Bulk transport, big parcels, rolling machines...

Refrigerated goods

Storing & transporting scooters efficiently

Custom modules for mobile stands or workshop

Need help defining which module is the most relevant to you ?  

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A variety of accessories selected for you that can be useful with the BicyLift bike trailer