Grand volume pour de multiples cas d'usage

Ideal for the waste collection or to use on an industrial site, especially for transporting cardboard boxes, the roll container allows the transport of loads that do not require as much protection as loads in the  conteneur urbain .

Its large half-opening side makes it easy to load, while straps allow the top of the load to be easily held.   

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Like the entire BicyLift range, the roll container has dimensions to the Europallet standard of 120×80cm, which allows it to be perfectly integrated into the supply chain.

It can be switched from a bicycle to a utility vehicle or lifted by a forklift truck.
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  • Volume : 1,5 m3 

  • Dimensions extérieures : 120x80x180cm

  • Dimensions intéireures : 115x80x164cm

  • Dimensions du grillage : 40x11cm

  • Poids à vide : 43 kg

  • Can be lifted with the trailer thanks to the Fork for Pallets

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BicyLift Roll conteneur

Nos clients l'utilisent

Compatible avec la remorque BicyLift

Récoltez les déchets et cartons à l'aide de la remorque BicyLift et placez-les dans le conteneur Roll. 

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