Together with delivering merchandise, waste management constitutes a significant share of the flows that need to be handled in urban centres.

With used packaging generally being produced over the day as new merchandise is received, collection during the daytime is ideal since city centre businesses often have little space to store it. However, this period is not suitable for waste collection vehicles to do the rounds (nuisance that doesn’t fit the “shopping experience”).

The flexible nature of BicyLift means it that can be used to develop new Reverse Logistics systems, for collecting cardboard from shops, for example.

Different options could be used for arranging collections:
  • Placed outside the shops, the roll container is filled over the day as boxes are emptied and then broken down, with the trolley then being collected with the BicyLift trailer after delivering a pallet.
  • The roll container is mounted on the BicyLift trailer and is used for a collection round.

The full roll containers are stored in consolidation areas, where they are then subsequently collected by recycling services. The standard format and wheels on the trolley make it easy to transfer a fully loaded roll container to a commercial vehicle without needing to handle the cardboard piece by piece. The trolleys can be rotated to ensure continuity in collection.

Find here more informations about our roll container compatible with BicyLift trailer.