Isothermal container

2 isothermal containers compatible with the BicyLift

The cold chain is particularly sensitive to transloading which could compromised it.

The containerisation of goods under controlled temperature takes on its full meaning for an efficient last mile delivery !

With the isothermal containers compatible with BicyLift, prepare your tours from your cold rooms, transfer the goods to the city centre and ensure the last mile by bike without any break in the cold chain.

Odoo • Text and Image

We trust two specialized manufacturers of cold solutions : Olivo and Cold&Co
They use their expertise to supply the best solutions.

Odoo • Image and Text

Olivo - Urban Roll 500

This container is equipped with wheels for the last meters

A door allows easy access to the entire volume

The volume can be divided with shelves

  • Waterproof

  • Exterior dimensions : 120x80x127cm

  • Interior dimensions  :61x95x71,5cm (with a top 900 eutectic plate)

  • Empty weight with top eutectic plate : 62kg => maximum load: 138 kg

cold and co contene, module for bike trailer

Cold & Co Carrytemp XL9

Complies with ATP certification norms (C & D)

Rainproof and big opening

External dimensions : 146x80x115cm

Aluminium base with hooks for compatibility with the BicyLift trailer

Weight: 40 kg (without eutectic plates)

A capacity of 880 litres


Load your isothermal container in your premises and deliver its content using the BicyLift trailer.

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